Why A Private Investigator Makes A Difference

Accurate Information, Fast Results, No Monthly Subscriptions, No Hidden Fees


At IntelHawk Private Investigations, all of our investigators are licensed and are also Certified Fraud Examiners (www.acfe.com). As a licensed investigations agency, we have access to various resources that allow us to obtain the most accurate, relevant, and up to date information.  In other words, we have access to databases that other companies don't.


Other companies typically obtain information by scanning the web and provide you with irrelevant and unnecessary data. They also rope you into costly monthly subscriptions and make you do a lot of the searching on your own. At IntelHawk Private Investigations, we conduct our investigations, we provide you with the individualized care and attention that you deserve and we never charge a monthly subscription fee. What you see is what you pay so request your search today!


The IntelHawk Difference



Other Companies

No Monthly Subscription Fees


No Hidden Fees


No Sign Up Fees


Provides Public Information

Provides Non-Public Information


Licensed Investigators


Provides Current Information


Has “Instant Results” That Are Inaccurate *


Hand Searched By Licensed Investigators


Provides Only Relevant Data


Provides Erroneous Information


No Hit, No Charge Guarantee •




* Other companies show fancy pages with '"report generators" that claim to have instant results. There is no such thing as 'instant results' for investigations. These companies provide outdated information that they scan and pull from the Internet.

• All services with a "no hit, no charge" guarentee will be denoted on the appropriate service page. This means, if we do not find any results corresponding with your search criteria, you will not be charged.