Q: Can you do a reverse phone lookup on any phone number?

A: We can uncover information for most U.S. 10-digit landlines and cell phone numbers.

NOTE: For pre-paid cell phone lookups, names and addresses are only available some of the time – depending on whether or not the owner of the phone has actually registered it.  Therefore, for pre-paid numbers, we only guarantee to provide either the subscribers name or the subscribers address. (Whatever is registered with the carrier at time of purchase)  We will provide both, if available.

Q: Other websites are promising to do a reverse phone lookup with “instant results”.  Can you offer that, too?

A: There is no such thing as an “instant result” to obtain current records.

If you are lucky enough to need information on a phone number that is listed in the white pages directories, you can get a name and address very quickly.  However, most of the websites that promise “instant results” only have access to the white page directories – and those directories may be of no use to you.  After all, if the phone number that you need to lookup isn’t listed in the white pages – which an increasing number of landlines and all cell phone numbers are not – those websites will not be able to help you.

Luckily, when you work with us, you are working with licensed private investigators who have access to information that most people don’t – including information that the “instant result” websites don’t have.  We have contacts with most phone carriers, so even if the phone number that you need to search is maintained by an individual phone carrier, we can usually get the contact records for you.

If we cannot secure the current name and address for your phone number search, we will refund your entire search fee.

Q: Is each one of your reverse phone number searches done by hand?

A: Yes!  For every order that receive, all of the searching is done by hand, by licensed private investigators.

You can rest easy knowing that your reverse phone lookup will only uncover current information – rather than names and addresses that have been outdated for years and that are of no use to you.

Q: How do we perform a reverse phone number search?

A: We use the submitted information to search for credible sources containing data associated with that information. All requests are handled by professional private investigators, who use hand-research each inquiry using their years of experience.

Q: How much time does it take to complete a reverse phone number lookup?

A: Approximately one business day is needed to find accurate information.

Q: How reliable are the results of a reverse phone number lookup?

A: As long as the information submitted is valid, we guarantee to find the accurate information associated with the phone number. Plus, we also offer a No Hit-No Fee guarantee, which states that we will refund the fee if we cannot secure the current name and address for your phone number search.

Q: What about those free phone number lookup websites? How do they rate?

A: Studies have shown that free lookup sites are 34% accurate in returning the current subscriber of a phone number. This can occur if the subscriber has had the same number for a long time and/or has used the number in direct marketing and credit applications.  By all means, try them first.  You may get lucky.

Q: What information is necessary for a reverse phone number search?

A: We need the area code and working phone number.

Q: What are the results of a reverse phone number search?

A: Our private investigators return the name and address associated with the submitted phone number.

Q: What if the number I submit is disconnected?

A: If the phone number you submit is disconnected, we will return the billing name and address of the subscriber at time of disconnection.