I was able to find all the criminal and civil records I needed in order to pursue a case for my client. I've been a private investigator for over 15 years and I trust IntelHawk for all my investigative needs.

Antwon Jackson

IntelHawk helped me conduct a background check on myself to find out what employers are seeing when determining if they want to hire me or not. I kept wondering why I wasn't getting hired after the background check had been completed and through running a report with IntelHawk, I was able to find out the incorrect data being reported about me from the court. Their services are worth it.

J.T. Vallargas

IntelHawk provided extremely useful information. The turnaround time was very fast and information was accurate. Highly recommend!

Ashley Miller

This service is unlike any other. It is such a nice feeling knowing that there is an ACTUAL PERSON at the other end, assisting in my investigation. These are licensed investigators rather than just a computer robot that dumps data on you to sift through on your own. They are helpful every step of the way. I was able to locate my daughter who I lost contact with in 2012 with their help.

Tammy Rollins

My (now ex) husband was texting constantly and receiving calls in the middle of the night from some phone number. I asked for IntelHawk's assistance and ran a reverse phone search and caught him cheating. IntelHawk gave me the answers I needed.

Carmen Litsinger

I wa skeptical at first because there are so many sites out there that don't give you what you need but I took a chance and it paid off. I got more than I was expecting at a fair price. Other PIs charge hourly rates but IntelHawk has a set one time fee.

Sharlese Smith

IntelHawk Private Investigations helped me in making an important decision by providing the information I needed. I tried other places and all of the information was old. Don't waste your money other places & do it right the first time with IntelHawk.

Tina Garcia

My child's father was a dead beat and could not be located for me to pursue child support. The court said I needed his SSN to file for child support but I didn't have it nor did I have any documents with his SSN. IntelHawk was able to get it for me in minutes and I was able to successfully file my child support order.

Talia Robinson