IntelHawk's Results In 48 Hours or Less Guarantee

**The 48 hour window begins after IntelHawk receives any and all supporting documentation and necessary communication (if applicable) related to your investigation. Failure to submit the requested documentation in a timely manner will result in a delay and will possibly exceed the 48 hour window from the time of purchase. You ackowledge and agree that the "48 Hour Guarantee" is dependent upon timely communication and supporting documentation. If the appropriate communication and/or documentation is not received, your investigation will be ceased and your credit card will not be charged.

**Note: if we require any further supporting documentation or communication, you will be notified via email.

IntelHawk's No-Hit, No-Fee Guarantee

**If we are unable to retrieve any results relating to your investigation, your credit card will not be charged unless otherwise noted. 

**Note: This guarantee does not apply to the deteremined relavance of the data by the customer (i.e. if a vehicle belongs to someone different than you suspected).