About IntelHawk Private Investigations



IntelHawk Private Investigations (IHPI) is private investigations firm based out of San Antonio, Texas. At IHPI, we have over 20 years of combined experience focusing on fraud prevention, detection, investigation and assisting individuals and businesses in finding accurate information instead of utilizing inaccurate public records databases. In addition to our online investigations, we also have extensive experience in the financial crimes industry. IHPI provides consulting services to financial institutions and other similar organizations and is equipped to act as a law enforcement liaison for all financial crimes related cases, physical security issues (i.e. bank robberies, work place violence), as well as to pursue criminal and civil litigation to initiate recovery efforts on behalf of organizations. We have experience working with various financial institutions to identify internal control deficiencies and recommend process improvements to effectively mitigate risk. We are also qualified to provide expert witness testimony in financial crimes cases.

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